What’s Growing? Part 1

What's Growing? Part 1

We just wanted to catch you up with some pictures and descriptions of what is happening on the farming side of Pepppers4Fun. We are adding some new Specialty Peppers.


  • The Datil is a highly prized Hot Pepper grown in Florida and mostly used there in hot sauces, rubs and cuisine. 
  • The Gorbaci is a highly prized Japanese pepper used in a variety of cuisines
  • The Manganji is another highly prized Japanese pepper used in their culinary arts.
  • We are expanding our Super Hots with the Red Ghost pepper. 
  • The King of the North Red Bell will be used in our Rocoto, Bell Pepper Jam.


We are also preparing for the future by having our first Rhubarb patch, Blueberries, Raspberries and Elderberries. Let your imagination work as to what we have in store for all of those fruits.
We will update you as the harvest gets closer.