Rebranding Update

Rebranding UpdateRebranding

Our rebranding update is that we are making progress in moving all operations to a Commercial Kitchen.

This is a long process that required us to go back to school to become certified as a commercial canning operation. We have had to submit products to the FDA ‘Process Authority’ to have each product certified to be made. We then have a whole scheduling time yet to come when the FDA inspector will validate everything we do and then issue us a canning license to get back into production.

What this means for you?

When we are in full production, you can be certain that our Pepper Jams have FDA approval and are certified to be self-stable for two years unopened. With that, we will also be able to sell our Pepper Jams all over the US.  What this also means is that we have some new surprises products that we are working on and should come out by June.

A hint: New Pepper Jams that will follow the health trends.

Unfortunately, we will not be having all of the products we sold before. This is a restart for us and have Five of our Pepper Jams currently going through the process. We will work on getting several of our Rubs certified as we can do so. We intend to lead with Peppers4Fun C-4 Rub.

We believe that the time and for us a great expense, will be well worth it to you with the rollout of our rebranding.

Always a Farm First

In this rebranding, our pepper farming is first. We will also be fully certified by the Ohio Agriculture Department to sell our fresh peppers to those interested in them. If you want to pre-purchase peppers, please contact us via email.

Thank you for your patience as we Rebrand and Relaunch.

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    1. We have submitted Five of our best selling pepper jams to the FDA for approval.And just for you…. Well, all the others too, Blaz’n Peach Mango is one of the five.

      Thanks for being a loyal customer.

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