Short Story About Us

We had a family gathering for my Dad's 90th Birthday. Our Son-in-law from Texas is in the food service industry and was very impressed with the Aji Lemon Pepper Powder that we made from the peppers we had been growing. He began to cook with the powder for all our guests. He would make sauces as well as use the powder directly in other dishes. He loved the citrus flavoring and that it had a culinary heat that finished after the key flavors of the focused food was enjoyed.

He told us that the rage is the 'Super Hot Peppers' but for those who really enjoy food it is about a 'Culinary Experience' not the flaming heat.

Our personal enjoyment of the intriguing Aji Lemon Yellow pepper and our son-in-law's encouragement inspired us to launch our pepper business. We initially did that as Pepper-Licious, LLC but due to some claims that we infringed on some other business, we decided to rename the company and Trademark protect Peppers4Fun, LLC.

As was Pepper-Licious, Peppers4Fun, LLC has taken the next step in smartly growing the company. For the past five years we were an Ohio Cottage Business. In January of 2023 we decided to become a canning company with FDA and Ohio Department of Agriculture certification. What that means is:

  • We can produce even more exciting specialty jams.
  • We can produce 'No Sugar Added' (NSA) Pepper Jams. Yeah!! - This is important because By Law, a company must be an FDA/ODA certified 'canning company' to make no sugar added jams.
  • We can now sell out of the State of Ohio.  So all those in other states asking for our products can now purchase them online.

We are excited to be able to make our products available to all of you from other states who have shown interest in the Culinary Experience of our pepper jams and other pepper products, we will consider the future opportunities to expand so that we can meet your culinary interests.


Veteran and Woman Owned

We are family owned, married for over thirty-nine years and Tom is a disabled Veteran.


How We Grow

Our growing method is 'natural'. We originally started our peppers with purchased heritage seeds. Now all our production is from our own seeds. All plants are started in a controlled grow-room. Our soil is natural compost from a local farm. In some of the beds we mix coconut husks. We only use our own blend of organic certified components for our fertilizer.

We are expanding our indoor growing area so that we will have peppers available all year.

Growing the Aji peppers is a pleasurable labor for those who want to enjoy the 'Culinary Experience'. The peppers take between four to six months to flower and fruit.

We look forward to you enjoying the Culinary Experience of our Aji Lemon Yellow Peppers as well as our very special and select Habaneros, our powders and rubs.... Oh, not to mention our really unique Jams.