Our Jams

Our Jams feature specialty Hot Peppers and are Low Sugar (One-third less sugar). They are unique in how we combine the flavors of the fruit to be complimented with the right amount of heat for that 'Culinary Experience'.

Adding to our featured Jams are the No Sugar Added. These boutique jams have our unique 'Sweet and then the Heat' culinary experience.

The Aji Lemon Yellow Pepper will be the Pepper that best compliments the majority of our Jams. We are selecting fruit combinations that can express the lemon citrus heat in a complimentary way.

The Chocolate Habanero is one of the Hottest in the habanero pepper family yet its aroma and tastes are surprisingly earthy and smoky with that hint of cocoa. Combining the right amount of the Chocolate Habanero pepper to cherries makes for an amazing dance on the taste buds.

We have designed these specialty Jams to ensure that the flavors and heat are balanced when applied to foods. Your experience while eating them out of the jar may be intense compared to how they compliment the pairing of our Jams to the foods you enjoy.

Treat yourself and others to a Culinary Experience by sharing our Gift Packs.

Peach Mango Pepper Jam

The combination of Peach and Mango is that sweet juicy relationship of the Midwest and the tropics. These flavors explode on the palate and then the citrus of the Lemon pepper intensifies the mix. All of this is followed by the growing mild heat that lingers on the outside of the tongue and upper gums. According to the Cath meter, this is medium heat based on her sensitive palate.

Blaz'n Peach Mango Pepper Jam

We take the full flavored experience of our Peach Mango Pepper Jam and kick it up almost four notches in heat. Even with this added heat, the flavor burst up front and throughout the palate. What's the experience like if you enjoy the Blaz'n Peach Mango out of the jar? Why it is an amazing blast of citrus heat and then the delight of the peaches and mango. People love this on chicken, pork and in fried rice.

Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Pepper Jam

The Cherry with our own special Chocolate Habanero Peppers makes this Jam really unique. With a combination of two types of cherries this would be fantastic in its own flavor mix. The sweet and tart cherries make the taste buds rise up all over as they work their way on the palate. 

Now add just the right amount of deep earthiness and a hint of smokey cocoa, which is the beginning of a growing heat that ultimately causes the flavors to swell together. 

 We have met a flavor to heat compromise on this one. The Cath meter calls this medium to a nice bite. Knowing that the Chocolate Habanero is the hottest of the Habanero family, the challenge was to spice up the cherries while enhancing their natural tannin flavor and adding a controlled heat at the end of the fruit combination.