NO Sugar Added Pepper Jams Are Here

We are excited that the NO Sugar Added Pepper Jams Are Here.

It seems like a long wait, but in fact we are ahead of when we thought these amazing No Sugar Added Pepper Jams would be available to you.

Out testing and formulation has produces some amazing pepper jams that fit the low or no sugar lifestyle. We evaluated the various non sugar sweeteners available and chose the one that best keeps with our flavor profile of sweet to heat without after-taste.

Making No Sugar Added Pepper Jams has a cost benefit. The benefit is 'No Added Sugar.' Remember that fruit and other foods have natural sugars. Therefore, the FDA changed the designation from 'sugar free' to 'no sugar added' so as to be clear about what is in the finished product. This has a cost. That cost is related to the substitute sweetener and that less jars of jam are produced per batch.

We did a lot of market research to ensure that we are pricing our products competitively. There are not many Pepper Jams that are 'No Sugar Added.' Our pricing is in the competitive range for what is in the market place.

Let me comment, that if you see 'no sugar added' jams at a farmers market and the seller is not an FDA/ODA certified canning company, they are illegally producing those products.  This is why we have taken over two years to meet our customers request for no sugar added pepper jams.

Keeping with our quality control of the heat level, The Cath Meter on these jams is a 'Medium' heat. They will make fantastic additions to any of our posted recipes and of course, your charcuterie board.