We’ve Gone Nuts!

We’ve Gone Nuts!  Candied C4 Mixed Nuts

We have introduced our Candied C4 Nuts that are explosive with flavors delighting the palate.

Our Gourmet hand crafted variety has been an amazing journey of your culinary experiences. We carefully roast the nuts according to the type they are.

We do this to enhance the flavors from the inherent oils. We then bathe them in our candy glaze which has our C-4 Rub that gives the full flavor and heat to these great snacks. This catches the Cath Meter at the mild to medium heat level which is why the C-4 Rub is her favorite.

Go Nuts with Us  and enjoy any or all of this great selection of our Gourmet hand crafted variety:

See you at one of our next markets or shows where the Candied C4 Nuts will be front and center.

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