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P4F C-4 Rub

P4F C-4 Rub
P4F C-4 Rub
P4F C-4 Rub
P4F C-4 Rub
P4F C-4 Rub
P4F C-4 Rub

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P4F C-4 Rub

Model Number: c-4
1 Oz or 3 Oz. P4F C-4 Rub
Chocolate Habanero, Chipotle, Coffee and Cocoa Nibs
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Manufacturer: Peppers4Fun
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Available In The U.S.

C-4 Explodes with Flavor

P4F C-4 is the the perfect explosive flavors of Chocolate Habanero, Coffee, Cocoa Nibs and Chipotle. Add to this blend Maple Syrup Sugar and our other spices for a palate bursting sweet heat complementing all of your meat recipes.

Surprisingly the Cath Meter rates this at a Medium heat. Another perfect culinary delight.

How we have used C-4 on this initial release:

  • Breakfast Bacon: give your bacon a seasoning to taste. Amazing how the Maple Sugar sweetens things up while the full blend of C-4 brings spice to life in a sizzling strip of morning pork.
  • Chicken: We have smoked/grilled chicken legs and thighs with C-4 on the meat, under the skin, and on the skin. Gives a great crust and the flavor.... you have to experience it. And we even did some podudzia z kurczaka in Dad's new Instant Pot®.
  • Hamburger: grilled or loose meat. Wow... the chocolate, coffee and heat mix is perfect.
  • Steak: we seasoned our Local Farm Sirloin Steak (Voytko Farms) and sear-grilled to the perfect 138° medium rare. So juicy and full of amazing flavor.
  • Our Signature Recipe: Spiral Cut Pork Loin, Stuffed, Rolled and Bacon Wrapped

Now the cooking experience is up to you!

Ingredients: Maple Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa Nibs, Ground Black Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Pink Himalayan Salt, Granulated Garlic, Fennel Seed, Oregano, Granulated Onion, Cumin, Mustard Seeds, Coriander, Chocolate Habanero, Chipotle

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