NSA Pepper Jams Take Youngstown Flea

NSA Pepper Jams Take Youngstown Flea

Yes, Our P4F NSA Pepper Jams Take Youngstown Flea but what’s the catch?

NSA being (No Sugar Added) is the big winner for us at this past Saturday’s Youngstown Fleas market. We were excited that almost thirty (30) 6 Oz. Jars of the NSA Strawberry Rhubarb and NSA Peach Mango were our top sellers.

All those that stopped to sample these amazing No Sugar Added Pepper Jams could not believe that they had zero Sugar added.

This next Saturday, Join us at the Old Firehouse Winery for Island Days, Arts & Crafts Noon – 6pm:

Big Ship Duo Noon – 3pm

Will Krebs/Steel Drum 3pm – 6pm

Justo Saborit/Island Soul 6pm – 10pm

We are in the old Bumper Car Building.

At our events, you can get $1.00 off the web store price per 6 Oz. Jar of these amazing NSA Pepper Jams.

No Sugar Added Strawberry Rhubarb No Sugar Added Peach Mango

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