News Flash: Debonne Vineyards Infused Jams

We are very pleased to let everyone know that we have added another winery to our family of jams.

We are immersing the fruits we use in our Wine Jams with selected wines from Debonne Vineyards.

The Peach-Mango Pepper Jam has the peaches and mangos soaked in the Unoaked Chardonnay. This wine is a perfect compliment to the flavors of the fruits.

Our Peach Pepper Jam is enhanced by the Riesling, thereby making the peaches really a full flavor as the heat of the Lemon Yellow pepper subtly warms your palate.

The Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Jam is given a full body earthy richness with the Red Blend wine.

Visit the Winery and most certainly order your Pepper-Licious Jams infused with Debonne Vineyards Wines.

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