Cherries Medley On Fire – Making its Debut

Cherries Medley On Fire

Cherries Medley On Fire – P4F Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce is making its debut tomorrow at Geauga Fresh Farmers Market.

We will also have Cherries Medley On Fire at Debonne Vineyard, every Saturday in March for Ice Wine Festival.

P4F Cherry, Chocolate HabaneroWe are very happy to introduce this small run hot sauce made with Sweet and Tart Cherries as well using our Chocolate Habanero Peppers and our Manganji Peppers.

The unique subtly sweet, bitter, vegetal, and earthy taste of the Manganji adds distinctive notes to this sauce. Additionally, we roast carrots and red onion to bring out the smokey flavors of the cherries and chocolate habanero.

Yes, there is a lot of flavor followed by the intense heat of the chocolate habanero, which subsides smoothly due to a subtle addition of balsamic vinegar.

As stated on the label:

Cherries Medley On Fire is a Deep upfront richness of Sweet & Tart Cherries followed by the earthy schorching heat of Chocolate Habanero with a hint of Manganji pepper Sweetness. All followed by a smokey tartness of Balsamic vinegar and hints of Ginger and Coriander.

This is a very small batch based off of last years harvest of Manganji Peppers. We will have larger batches available in the fall with the 2024 harvest.

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