Something New and the Returning Tripleberry

Something New and the Returning Triplebery

Just in time for the opening of the Mentor Farmers Market, Something New and the Returning Tripleberry Pepper Jam.

Brand New!

Starting this weekend, June 17th, at Mentor Farmers Market as well as Chardon Farmers Market and more: the Smooth Peach Pepper Jam.

This is the Peach Jam that Debonne Vineyards asked us to create for their 2022 Ice Wine Festival Appetizers. It was an amazing hit with many asking to buy it. So here it is and will be available online next week.

The Smooth Peach Pepper Jam is a refreshing peach jam that is smooth in texture with just the right amount of our Peruvian Lemon Yellow Peppers to make it that sought after culinary experience. Let your summer creativity for gatherings include this Jam.


If you want a Sampling Culinary Experience then get the Summer Blend Sample Pack at the events we will be at. The Summer Blend Sample Pack has Three 1.25 Oz Shrunk Wrapped Jars of Strawberry-Rhubarb Pepper Jam, the New Smooth Peach Pepper Jam and…. reintroducing… the Tripleberry Pepper Jam. The Trippleberry Pepper Jam will be available at the online store next week.

Our Three Pack Samplers make great gift items too.

See you at this weeks markets.

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