Independence Day A Blaz’n

Independence Day A Blaz’n

Blaz'n Wings and MoreJust in time for Independence Day we are introducing ‘Blaz’n Wings and More‘ to light the fires of your 4th of July appetizers and BBQ meals.

This rub is made to satisfy the flaming heat lovers that have been asking us to get their fires ignited. We are doing that while keeping true to our desire for all to have ‘A Culinary Experience.’

‘Blaz’n Wings and More’

We developed this seasoning to lead with a ‘savory’ note of blended spices and then….. The heat. For that heat, we start with a good dose of our Cherry Smoked Chocolate Habanero. Then we deepen the smokiness with our Cherry Smoked Inferno banana pepper while bringing in a sweet citrus heat of another 300,000 Scoville from our new Variety of the ‘Blaz’n Jellybean.’ Last but not least in the heat…. for that 4th of July M-80 firecracker kick… the bite of a Scorpion pepper.

Limited Batch – so Get yours for Independence Day

We made a limited batch that will only be available at this Friday’s July 1st Mentor Farmers Market and this Saturday, July 2nd at the Chardon Farmers Market.

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