New Spice Seasoning: Crab & Shellfish Boil

Crab & Shellfish Boil Crab & Shellfish Boil

This crab & shellfish boil became a big hit at a family crab cook-off. At my Dad's 93rd Birthday crabs were the highlight on the menu. Now the family has been Old Bay™ users since the seasoning came on the market. Well, the challenge us was to see how what we have develop would stack up against 'Old Bay™.' 

Loving the Challenge... Bring it on! The result of the cook-off at this family event was.... drum roll... that the Peppers4Fun Crab & Shellfish Boil beat Old Bay™.

Our Crab & Shellfish Boil features our Aji Lemon Yellow Pepper Powder. The citrus heat of the Lemon Yellow Pepper penetrated into the meat of the steamed crabs. This citrus heat is well balanced with all the other herbs and spices that you  would expect in a seafood shellfish seasoning.

For your next Shellfish culinary experience add some of our Crab & Shellfish Boil to your pot.

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