Welcome to Pepper-Licious!

We are your source for organically grown Aji Lemon Yellow and Pineapple Yellow hot peppers.

Why the LemonĀ  and Pineapple Yellow Hot Peppers

Your culinary experience is the focus of us growing the 'Aji' Lemon and Pineapple Hot Peppers.

We had a family gathering for my Dad's 90th Birthday. Our Son-in-law from Texas is in the food service industry and was very impressed with the Aji Lemon Pepper Powder that we have. He began to cook with it for all our guests. He would makes sauces, put directly in dishes. He loved the citrus flavoring and that it had a culinary heat that finished after the flavor was enjoyed.

His encouragement to grow the two most interesting flavors of the 'Aji' family helped us to launch Pepper-Licious, LLC.

At this time, Pepper-Licious is an Ohio Cottage Business. That means we can only sell our peppers and unique products in Ohio. As all of you from other states show interest in the Culinary Experience of our peppers and products, we will expand to meet your interests.

We are looking forward to sharing our Culinary Experiences and Peppers with you!

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