Stout Lovers Pepper-Licious Jam’n

Stout Lovers Jamming with Pepper-Licious!

Stout Lovers have been waiting for this! We told many of you during the Christmas events that we would be introducing a NEW jam in January. Well, It is Here: Cherry, Imperial Stout, Chocolate Habanero Jam !!!

We were very impressed with the Imperial Stout from Double Wing Brewing. It is rich in chocolate flavor and so smooth that Cath even likes it and she’s not a beer drinker!

You all have told us what a hit that our Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Jam is. This jam is a favorite of many without or with the infused Red Wines from Grand River Cellars or Debonne Vineyards.

Yet, we had a number of beer connoisseurs that talk with us at various venues wanting a beer pepper jam. Their consensus was that an Imperial Stout would pair exceptionally well with our Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Jam.

What is it?

We begin with organic cherries which go through a sugar fermentation process that we already use for our wine jams. Then we separate the juice and add the Imperial Stout to the cherries as well as our home grown Chocolate Habanero.  Now the magic is made with heat.

We are looking forward to you enjoying this Jam as with our others!

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