Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam

New Release – Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam

This is our newest ‘Non-Fruit’ pepper Jam – The Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam.Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam

We listened to our customers and this is a jam that many have been requesting.

What a hit on its first day at a Market. Those that sampled this new jam bought it right away.

What is the Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam?

We take a traditional mix of Red, Yellow and Orange Bell peppers and spice them up with the heat of the Incas. As with our other pepper jams, we tune the heat to Cath’s palate, which is in that Medium range, but she said this is mild to medium for her.

The flavor of the Rocoto Bell Pepper Jam is that amazing blend of the bell peppers with a bit of grassy freshness from the Rocoto pepper. Although the Rocoto is about 20+times more heat than a jalapeƱo, we tame it for the jam and bring it to that pleasant mild-medium finish.

Quick Reviews from Customers that sampled at initial release:

“Wow. Amazing flavor and just the right heat.”

“Fantastic. Way better than I expected. Can’t wait to open the jar at home.” This person texted after getting home and wrote: “Came home and broke out the Ritz crackers to try the new jam. DELICIOUS!! Thank You!”

“Amazing. I want a jar. I can’t pass this one up.”

“This is amazing and I can’t wait to try it on a Charcuterie board.”

“Mmmm. That is good. That is really good. I’ll take it.”

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