Harvest Time

Harvest Time for Aji Lemon Yellows  Harvest Time Aji Lemon Yellow Pepper

Our Harvest Time is plentiful!  We have several thousand Aji Lemon Yellow Peppers ripening. We are picking a load every other day and they want to be shipped to you.

Enjoy the flavor and delightful heat of these Aji Lemon Yellow Peppers. The Majority of this growing season is seeing peppers around 3″ long. The flavors are superb and the heat was captured out of our sunny days.

Order your Fresh peppers now.

We are introducing our new rubs to include ‘The Pepper-Licious Savory Seafood” rub. This rub is made from our own smoked pepper blend with the Aji Lemon Yellow giving the fruity citrus heat that works fabulous on shrimp and other seafoods.

Commercial Customers:

We have bulk buying arrangements for markets, grocers and chefs.

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