Great News – Grand River Cellars Wines Jamming Delight

We are delighted to announce that Grand River Cellars wines not only pair well but blend deliciously in our Pepper Jams!

Pepper-Licious Pepper Jams gain a new dimension by immersing our selected fruits in thoughtfully paired wines from Grand River Cellars. We discussed with the Owner and Staff which of their wines would accentuate the fruit flavors of the jams as well as tease the palate with the Lemon Yellow Peppers. Our combined efforts give the ‘Culinary Experience’ that we strive for at Pepper-Licious.

Our Peach-Mango is brought to a new level of experience with the pairing of Chardonnay. The flavors of the jam are expanded and then….. yes the heat reaches the back of the palate and fills ones mouth with a lingering delight.

New because of the Grand River Cellars Riesling we have introduced our Peach Riesling Pepper Jam.  If you are peach lover, this jam fills every taste bud and finishes with a warmth that has you looking forward to the next bite.

We love the chocolate, earthy accents of our ‘Chocolate Habanero‘ and what it does in our Cherry Jam is amazing but…. When we blend in the Grand Red Wine from Grand River Cellars – the smoky plum smoothness of this wine enhance the Cherry, Chocolate Habanero Jam and finishes with the ‘Wow’ heat of the pepper.

Get to winery and enjoy the ambience as well as the wines. Make sure you get your Jams for your ‘Culinary Experience’.

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