2021 Farmers Market Season is Starting

Farmers Market Season is Here Opening Day 2021

  Here we are, the 2021 Farmers Market Season is here. 

  May does not only bring flowers but all the great specialty crafted and farm fresh items that you have been waiting all winter for. 

  We are really excited about this Farmers Market Season since you will be able to find us at four (4) different markets this year. Watch our events calendar for all the specifics as to where we will be. Here is the general list of which Farmers Markets we are at: 

New Products for 2021 Markets

We are growing some new specialty peppers for this season. We will have the:

 * Inferno Banana Pepper - A Very HOT Hungarian Banana Pepper variety. About 1,000 on the Scoville Rating

 * Peruvian Rocoto - Check out the Spruce Eats description and recipes for this pepper. This black seed pepper has a Scoville Rating between 30,000 to 100,000

 * Venezuela Black Cobra - We will have a limited quantity of this specialty pepper available this season. These bitter heat pepper have a Scoville Rating around 30,000.


 - Keep an eye open for some Seasonal Specialties that we have in design for your culinary enjoyment.

Price Change

As we posted in March, Because of the political and health conditions in the US, all our vendors have increased their prices and sadly we had to as well. 


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