The Aji Lemon Yellow Pepper is perfect with poultry! This Chilean and Peruvian pepper is a staple in chicken dishes. We will be featuring some of the traditional South American recipes for this pepper and our rubs as well as mixing it up. To make it exciting, we will spice up those other ethnic European dishes. Get your culinary taste buds on when we substitute the Aji Lemon Yellow where only super hots would tread. To explore your 'Culinary Experience'  we present you delicious ideas of how to use the Aji Lemon Yellow and our Jams on your favorite bird. Poultry is basically defined as birds domestically kept that include: Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Pigeon, and Guineas. OK, the list includes water fowl as well.

Classical Peruvian Dishes

We are adding classical Peruvian recipes here. We will feature the Aji Lemon Yellow, the Rocoto and our Blaz'n Jellybean as the peppers used in these recipes.