Hard Salami Roll Up

Peppers4Fun Hard Salami Roll Up appetizers are exciting. Cath says this is a full meal guilt free Appetizer since you get the protein of the Salami and the desert of our Jams! Enjoy this 'Culinary Experience.'

Steps to a Smile

Begin with your favorite thin sliced salami.

Second: Get your favorite Cream Cheese open and ready.

Third: Spread the layer of cream cheese. We like as nice full layer.

Fourth: This is what makes it Peppers4Fun ... place your dollop of Jam on the cream cheese. About a quarter teaspoon.

Sixth: Begin rolling up the salami so that the Jam is in the middle..

Seventh: Rolled and ready to load up a plate.... If it makes it that far. Our count is - one to the plate and one down the hatch. Well, the first two never make it to the plate!