Blaz'n Jelly Bean - Our New Variety

Blazn Jelly Bean mini
Blaz'n Jelly Bean

We wanted more from the White Habanero so we cross pollinated Our New Variety, The Blaz'n Jelly Bean. 

The Blaz'n Jelly Bean is cross between the Peruvian White Habanero and the Lemon Habanero. We really enjoy the flavor and the high heat of the White Habanero but we wanted more citrus aroma and flavor in it. This is where the Lemon Habanero comes in. Having a like heat value to the White Habanero in the SCU rating, about 350,000, the Lemon has the deep citrus that finishes the complexity we were looking for.

It worked! Just one iteration of cross pollinating these two peppers and we achieved the goal.

How we Know? It is enjoyable to observe the folks that are super hot pepper fans as they taste test our Blaz'n Jelly Bean. When they pop that little jelly bean in their mouth and make that first crunch, the citrus aroma burst out from their lips. We watch as their eyes widen and the heat takes immediate hold. Then we get - "Wow, That's hot." "What great complexity." "Nice citrus and a smoky fruitiness." Yes, there is those that need to find some bread or milk.... and this isn't even a super hot.

How we use it: As with the White Habanero we cook with the Blaz'n Jelly Bean. We use it in our personal fermented hot sauce. Yet our primary use is in our Blaz'n Wings seasoning.

How you can enjoy the Blaz'n Jelly Bean: We grow these peppers inside during the winter but the size of the fruit is more like the the Peruvian Charapita in size. When we move plants outside, we then have fruit that is ready by early to mid July. Now the fruit size is between a half inch and one inch in length. We sell the fresh pepper at Farmers Markets and Festivals in Ohio. This pepper can also be found as one of the complex flavors and heat in the Blaz'n Wings Seasoning.